Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Background

Yesterday's workout: Swim 550 meters
Today's workout: Run for 30-40 minutes

Since I started this towards the end of my first triathlon, I wanted to give you (the reader) a bit of history on where I have been.

This is me when I met my husband; the picture was taken on our third date. I topped out at something like 203 lbs. I was not a happy girl.
Like most women, I wanted to slim down so I wouldn't look like Shamu in a wedding dress. I didn't really exercise, but I did diet and probably do some things I shouldn't have. While we were planning our honeymoon I found a 12K race that looked fun (as fun as a 12K can be when you wheeze going up stairs). We could walk the whole thing, dress in costumes, and enjoy seeing the beautiful streets of San Francisco. My first "race" ever was the Bay to Breakers in 2006.

It was after that race we decided to enter one every year. That didn't work out in 2007 as my husband had shoulder surgery that took a while to heal. In 2008, we were able to "race" the Bolder Boulder with most of my husband's family (his dad and two sisters). I keep saying "race" because we walked both of these events; it was not about time for me (or us), just saying that we did it.

This is the first year I actually care about my time. My beginnings will be humble, but I can now take the quotation marks away. I am happy with a 12 minute mile average. I hope I can keep that up during the triathlon, but I was fresh during this race and I won't be come June 13th. This picture was taken last Saturday.

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