Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspirational Music Monday

A lot of the blogs I follow have "theme days." I would like to think that by starting one here, it might encourage me (or force me, whichever) to post more. So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Inspirational Music Monday. These are songs that encourage, push, and are just fun to listen to while you run, bike, or whatever you choose to do.

When I first started running, I chose to follow the C25K program. There are several podcasts designed to help you run/walk, but I wanted something a bit more inspirational. After Googling for a bit, I found a podcast of Christian Indie Artists (CIA) started by the front man of Buried Talents Band; he was looking to run the 5Ks he used to when he was younger. I downloaded the first four weeks and hit the pavement.

It was about half way through my first run that I heard my first song for Inspirational Music Monday. Something came over me when I heard it; I knew from then on I was running for something bigger than myself.* I look forward to hearing this song every time it comes up in the shuffle of my MP3 player.

This week's selection: Run, by After the Chase. Here is a sample of the song, along with the lyrics. Another sample can be found here.

I'm sorry that I am unable to find a full length sample on the interwebs; the song is much more powerful when you hear it from the beginning. However, I can certainly understand why I can't find one.

*Yes, most of the songs for Inspirational Music Monday will probably be religious in nature. These are the songs that inspire me and I wish to share them. If you find offense to the post, then just move along to another post more suited to your needs; and realize that you probably offend a little too easily.


  1. You can get a full free copy of "Run" at (along with some other free songs of ours). Glad you like the song!

  2. Thanks for the link, Nate! I'm a big fan. You'll have to let me know when you plan to come out to Colorado.

  3. Of course, I love that song too. It was an honor to have my tracks near After the Chase.

    Some neighbors would think I was crazy when I'd start dancing while running, or when I'd put the wings out toward the end of the song.

    I didn't care, at that point the song was what was getting me through the run. :-)

  4. CHRIS! You do a great job of getting people through their runs. When I told my family I was starting on this journey, they all thought I was crazy. My brother and I followed up with an incredibly awkward conversation about my true motives; I realized then that my future conversations about health & fitness were best kept for my in-laws.
    With the story above for background, I remember the first time I used your C25K program. Someone telling me, "I knew you could do it," meant more to me than I can express. Thank you.

  5. Julia, You're so welcome! It was obvious after I got into it that it was most definitely a God thing. He's blessed it abundantly through the efforts of many other people. Won't say I didn't mess some of it up by getting in His way...

    Seriously, I'm back on that journey myself, after 6 months of no running, I'm doing W4D2 tomorrow, on my way back off the couch after a very long Holiday break to write a few novels for my kids.

    Sorry so long getting back to you. Since I'm following your blog now I should have received your reply in an email. Hmmm. Computers. I program them for a living and still don't understand them...