Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year, A New Goal

I spent the holidays doing some soul searching, trying to figure out what I wanted to get out of 2010 (race wise). I was incredibly inspired by my friend Jill who finished her second marathon in 2009. I'm sure that training with a toddler was a challenge! My sister-in-law Anne ran her first half marathon in October, and countless ladies on the Health & Fitness board I lurk on are meeting their race goals and feeling great. That's not to say I didn't feel an incredible sense of accomplishment with Highline and Glenwood last year; but I want to take it up a notch.

As a recommendation from several H&F ladies, I picked up "The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women" as a fun read this summer. When I brought it home, my husband's first response was, "you thinking of running a marathon now?," followed by his usual jolly chuckle. At the time, I had no plans to run that kind of distance, I just wanted a fun girl-trying-to-be-an-athlete read. But I have to admit, that remark has been gnawing at me for almost 6 months now. So, the question then becomes. . .

Why couldn't I?

Thumbing through the newest copy of Runner's World over Christmas, I noticed that the Rock n' Roll Marathon series was going to have its inaugural year in Denver. They don't have a set date yet (its listed for Fall 2010), but it looks like it will be in October and take over the slot of the ING Denver Marathon. I've heard from several people how fun the RnR series is; the date would give me plenty of time to train (and throw a 1/2 marathon in there somewhere).

So, while I'll still do a couple of tri's this year to try and better my time, I am going to try and focus my energy on running. 26.2 is quite a jaunt, but over the last year I've really enjoyed running and what if offers to me physically and psychologically.

Now, to convince my husband I'm not crazy. . .

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