Sunday, May 29, 2011

Triathlon Wetsuits

I finally broke down and bought myself a triathlon wetsuit. I had been using a farmer jane (designed for kayaking?) for the past couple of years. I didn't want to get a wetsuit until I was sure I was going to stick with triathlon for a while.

I ended up getting the Xterra Vortex 3. I got the fullsuit instead of sleeveless; I thought it was worth the extra money. The nice thing is that Xterra is always having sales on their website; so if you're in the market for one, Google for coupons before you buy. I ended up getting mine for 50% off plus I'm pretty sure I got free shipping. Score! I opted for the next size up since my weight keeps fluctuating. I'd rather have something a little too big than too small (this may not have been the best decision, but its done).

Looking on the interwebs for videos on how to put this thing on, I found these links:
Aquasphere how to put on a triathlon wetsuit - and take it off in transition
Xterra how to put on a tri wetsuit
TNT How to put on a wetsuit on race day!

They all have good tips (and the TNT one some good humor), but I'm noticing a couple of things:
1. I really need to work on my abs during the offseason - damn!
2. I like the carrying case the woman in the first video has. I'm sure that would go a long way towards ensuring your suit stays nick/cut/gash free.
3. I think I'm going to be happy I said I was heavier than I was when I ordered (which is completely contradictory to what a woman would do).

I'll edit this post later to show the results. I'm off to try this darn thing on! It's been sitting in my closet for two weeks now, so I better make sure it's going to work. I have an Oly here in 4 weeks! Yikes!

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