Monday, June 8, 2009

Better. Not great, but better.

Monday - Wednesday - OOT for work so no training (boo!)
Thursday - Master's class, swim ~1200 meters
Friday - Day off
Saturday - Run ~4 miles
Sunday - Bike ~20 miles
Today - Open water swim (about 300-400 meters)

Our wetsuits came in on Friday and we had a chance to test them out today. My husband took the picture for me.

The water was probably 60-62 degrees, but that suit made all the difference! Yeah, it was really cold at first, but after about 10 minutes in the water I was able to put my head down and swim freestyle! Yay! I think the trick for me is doing some backstroke to warm up; this allows my head to get acclimated to the water so when I put my face down its not so cold. Looking up and sighting was easy as well. It still took my breath away and I was dizzy afterwards, but nowhere near as bad as it was last weekend.

It appears by using good ol' Google that I am not alone in this dizziness. There seem to be two trains of thoughts on this:

1. The water going into your ear is cold and causes vertigo, so wear earplugs.

2. Your blood circulation changes when you're swimming and trying to save your legs. Try kicking hard the last 50 meters or so to get the blood flowing again.

It looks like the majority say earplugs have taken away their dizziness completely in the cold water, so even though its a big "no-no" to bring something new into the mix on race day I may have to bite the bullet. I don't need to fall off my bike on the 16% grade hill (I should have taken a picture for all of you to see. It's going to be pretty interesting).

I switched out my cog on Sunday to 14 teeth (from 16). It's harder to start pedaling, but I get a lot more speed. That 16% grade hill is the only thing I'm second guessing. I'm going to give it one more ride tomorrow before I decide. My biggest fear is giving up my legs just to shave 5 minutes off the bike. Not worth it.
5 days to go.

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