Monday, February 22, 2010

The Worst Day of the Year!

Modeled after Portland's Worst Day of the Year Bike Ride, our fair town started their own tradition this year. Come rain, or sleet, or in this case, snow, you show up and ride.

Unlike the Portland ride, which is takes 2-5 hours, the ride here this year was a scant 10 miles. I don't think I've actually been on my bike since the Glenwood Triathlon, which is pretty sad. With the snow finally melting off the road, I'm excited to get back into 20+ mile rides in the country around Colorado National Monument.

We spent our ten miles on various trails down by the Colorado river. It was nice to go for a ride with my husband. Our tickets included lunch, and costumes were encouraged. M dressed up as a cowboy (including a cowboy hat cable tied to his helmet), and I dressed as a flapper girl complete with gloves and a feather boa. M got interviewed by two of the three news stations here; he got comments from his co-workers this morning asking where his "six shooters" were. He showed them off for the NBC affiliate.

Here we are after the ride. Sadly, we had already put our bikes away or you could see how dirty the back wheels got.

The sponsors gave out prizes for the best costumes. I really thought we had a chance, as only 6-8 people actually dressed up, but it was not meant to be. We left before the end (you could show up anytime between 11am-3pm), so maybe you had to be present to win. Oh well, we're already planning on how to go "bigger" next year.


  1. How was it riding in a boa!? That is HILARIOUS, and I absolutely love the hat-over-the-helmet idea. Sadly in our race, there are strict rules against helmet modification. So John won't be wearing his "hair helmet."

  2. The boa wasn't bad, it was those darn necklaces! They kept getting tangled in my handlebars when I tried to put my front wheel on. There was a lady on the bike path walking her dogs that told me, "nice boa." Ha!